Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pinata's and Presents

It's been a time of Birthday's
5 in total, so have been busy making and baking.
First was a dear lady birthday and I made the following for her
An Ice cream container covered with scrapbook paper I found in my craft box.

Baked these cinnamon biscuits with raspberry icing to fill the ice cream container.

And all ready to go with a homemade card my DD10 made.
Next was 3 male family friends, so made them gingerbread biscuits in the shapes of cars, trucks and tractors. Wrapped in Birthday seivettes, tried with a bow and a homemade card. No photo's as we were short for time and forgot.
Lastly have to share what DS12 made for DS7 birthday yesterday.
Little Big Planet Pinata
A pinata for his birthday party, which he shared with this cousins. DS7 is a big fan of the play station game Little Big Planet, so he loved it. It didn't cost much to make, newspaper, toilet paper, glue and paint. Oh and a free balloon :)
Going to be busy in the next couple of weeks with a new challenge getting our garden sorted and buliding a new (secondhand wood) deck, can't wait to share those changes with you.

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