Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Family Celebration of 14 years

The date night with dear hubby was awesome :) We had $12 curry combo and a sweet little place with beautiful atmosphere. It was mainly just hubby and I in the restaurant. Sadly we missed the free coffee due to time, but great news we can do it another time. But we did go watch a free movie.
"The Descendants" was an awesome movie for us both. Had us laughing, crying and all round good feeling movie, if you can handle the occasional swearing. We were house parents for a girls home (did it for about 4-5 years total) so could relate to the daughters in the movie. We loved the views of Hawaii. So we came out of the theatre like 2 teens chatting away, at 11pm at night.
The next day we were very tired, but did make the effort to have a special dinner with the children to celebrate 14 years.

Made a family favorite Jamie Oliver's roast lamb dinner. Having the leftovers tonight for dinner, as a soup. Even making the meal is fun and special, and the gravy is soooooo yummy.
Ingredients for the roast lamb. The lamb was in our freezer but was defrosted the day before.

The rosemary is fresh from our garden. The vegetables make a trivet for the lamb to go on. But they are not wasted.

Ingrediants for make the roast vegetables.

Boiling them before roasting really helps to have them cooked just right.

Ingrediants for making the gravy.

The Lamb is cooked and now taken off the vegetable trivet and set aside to rest.

Look at those yummy juices, this is going to be used to make the gravy.

straining through a sieve to get the best bits yum.

Yummy roast veggies almost done.

Dinner time, with a cup of sparkling grape juice.
We all had a great time together, love family time.
Now it's all on with back to school time.

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